I asked Google for my data, and all I got is ~85 GB of disappointment

13:37, Jul. 31st: I requested my data from Google using their Takeout service.

16:35, Jul. 31st: I hopped onto my computer, and found a mail from Google, with a link to two archives (48.9 + 36.8 GB) of data.

The data I expected

I expected a very big majority of the data to be my photo backups in Google Drive and Google Photos.

The data I got

Android Device Configuration Service

This had html files for all the devices (multiples exist, for custom ROMs) I've owned.

They contained the Android ID, MEID, IMEI, IMSI (truncated), locale & timezone, hardware info, various Android info, and a history of "recent connections", which contained the timestamp, Android build fingerprint, phone brand, radio firmware version, Play Services version, etc.

Surprisingly, some files didn't have that much information, but then those might've been the records of microG.

Also, in the System Shared Libraries part, you can clearly find out stuff like org.lineageos.hardware, or miui-push.jar, which might indicate if you're using a custom ROM or not. (A Pocophone F1 having a com.sony.device library might be suspicious)

Assistant Notes and Lists

This seems to be related to the Google Assistant's note taking features, which I didn't use.

It contains timestamped csv files with Note title, Note content, and Note state columns.



This contained a RSS feed of an old blog I was involved in. Nothing of importance here.


This contains a RSS feed of all(?) the comments I've written on any Blogger based website. And apperantly I've only written three.


This has two csv files. A profile, and a reading list.

The profile contained a lot of columns, but only display name and email was filled on the only row I had.

The reading list was empty for me, so I cannot say anything about it.


Surprisingly empty. I'd assumed it would've taken stuff from my old Chrome syncs, but nope.


Contained an ics file of... my calendar. Which I didn't use, so it's almost empty.


Autofill contained my full address, my phone number, my email, a GUID, and a "use date". But then, I probably asked it to keep that information. How dumb of me.

Bookmarks was, again, completely empty, surprisingly.

BrowserHistory.json? Oh boy...

This contained my Chrome browser history. But only about 6 links, all in the same day. I wonder why it doesn't have anything other than 6 links from middle of May.

Dictionary and Extensions were completely empty, even though I'm pretty sure I used at least uBlock Origin whenever I used Chrome. Maybe this only contains mobile data? IDK

SyncSettings.json contains some preferences, like how many times I've denied translation of pages for specific languages, the extensions toolbar which had two extensions on it: Vue.js devtools and Join.

Then I recognized where this data came from: It was from my testing Chromium install, which I used to test my web tools. How did it get the autofills, but not the rest, still no idea.

Cloud Print

Contains two files with the following information:

"document title","submission date","printer name","print job status"
"printer name","owner name","owner email"

It was completely empty for me, as I didn't use it.


"My Contacts" contained every contact I had on my phone when I used Google Play Services.

"All Contacts" also contained email addresses I've sent emails to. An example being the Tor bridges address for when I asked for some bridges.


This contains everything I had on my Google Drive account, which was probably the majority of the download size, as there is ~50 GB of pictures I store on there.


I used Google Fit for a very short period of time, so let's see what's on here:

Inside Activities/Low Accuracy, there was a tcx file for every time I walked, ran, etc.

Opening one, I found "trackpoints" that contained distance, time, and one point that contained my position in lat/long.

Checking out Daily Aggregations there was a ¢sv file for each day between 2018-03-09 and 2018-05-23.

Opening one, these were the columns:

Start timeEnd timeCalories (kcal)Distance (m)Low latitude (deg)Low longitude (deg)High latitude (deg)High longitude (deg)Average speed (m/s)Max speed (m/s)Min speed (m/s)Step countInactive duration (ms)

Google Pay

There weren't anything interesting other than a list of all purchases I did on Google.

Google Photos

Another huge folder, due to the ~50 GB of picture backups I have on Drive.

What's interesting about these, is that they contain some metadata for each image.

Here is the metadata of a random file:

  "title": "MVI_0025.AVI",
  "description": "",
  "imageViews": "0",
  "creationTime": {
    "timestamp": "1559245698",
    "formatted": "May 30, 2019, 7:48:18 PM UTC"
  "modificationTime": {
    "timestamp": "1559990433",
    "formatted": "Jun 8, 2019, 10:40:33 AM UTC"
  "geoData": {
    "latitude": 0.0,
    "longitude": 0.0,
    "altitude": 0.0,
    "latitudeSpan": 0.0,
    "longitudeSpan": 0.0
  "geoDataExif": {
    "latitude": 0.0,
    "longitude": 0.0,
    "altitude": 0.0,
    "latitudeSpan": 0.0,
    "longitudeSpan": 0.0
  "photoTakenTime": {
    "timestamp": "1269189757",
    "formatted": "Mar 21, 2010, 4:42:37 PM UTC"

Google Play Games Services


This folder contains all the games I played. Let's pick one and see what we can find.

There are "Achievements", "Activity", "Experience", "Saved Games" and "Scores" files on here.

Achievements are what you expect: The achievement name, when you unlocked it, etc.

Activity contains "Time first played", "Time last played", "Client IDs used", "Total achievements unlocked", etc, nothing much

The rest also doesn't contain much, so I'll skip over them for now.


This just contains info about my profile. My "Gamer ID", profile visibility, experience per category, etc.

Google Play Store

In here, I was able to find a list of my "devices" (the two phones I constantly mess around with Custom ROMs on)

There was my library going all the way back to 2013, when I got my first Android.

I found a list of my reviews, some cringe material there.

There is an "Installs" file, listing every single time I Installed something to any device.

Lastly, there are order and purchase history, and subscriptions, which should be self explanatory, really.

(Also, the order history contained my cards expiration. That's sad.)

Google Shopping

Please note that the only shopping related thing I used Google for was to search for stuff. I never bought any physical "thing" from Google itself.

And, probably for that reason, the only thing here was my address.

Home App

This just contained some configuration related to me linking my Hue lights to Google Assistant.


This contained my notes I used to keep in Keep as html files.

Location History

This contained 2048000 lines of location data, from May 2017, up to 17th of July, which is when I switched to microG.

There is also some "activity" stuff, like "standing still" or "tilting" or "in car".


This contained all archived, and sent mails in the mbox format.

My Activity

This contained some of my activity in HTML files. It would've been useful if I hadn't "asked to delete" all my activity before getting my data.

Oh, and Takeout has it's own section in "My Activity", so presumably Google records whenever you ask your data. Which is kind of funny if you ask me.


There wasn't much data on here. Only about 3 videos for my history, and no subscriptions.

The "no subscriptions" part is interesting, because I do have subscriptions. They are just on a seperate "brand account" or whatever they call it.

So, I'm wondering... Does Google not export these kinds of accounts? Have I found a hole in their system?

So what

This was kind of disappointing, to be honest. I expected them to "know" more, and assuming they do, shouldn't they release them too? Or have I just been OK-ish at hiding myself from Google? I doubt that.

I expected some kind of "ad profile" about myself, you know. Exposing my darkest secrets or whatever.

And all I got is what I already knew they knew.