Moonlander Dev Log #3: March 29 to April 4


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Welcome to the third Moonlander Dev Log! In here I'll try to quickly go over whatever I've done from March 29 to April 4, 2021. There hasn't been that many changes, yet again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here is a list, in somewhat chronological order:

Middle click to close tabs

You can now middle click on tab titles to close them. Not much else to say.

"Go Up" button

There is now a "Go Up" button that will take you one directory above your current URL.

It's particularly useful if the capsule you're viewing has it's URLs structured in a nice way and the server has directory indexes enabled.

Screenshot [3K PNG Image]

Mouse side buttons

Mouse side buttons now work for back/forward navigation in Gemtext files though. Other file types soon™.


There is now an "about:moonlander" page, which is the new default home page of Moonlander. It presents some very basic information, and links to some helpful places to get you started.

The configuration file documentation is available under about:configuration, which is linked on the new homepage.

Your existing configuration will not change.

Screenshot [28K PNG Image]

Empty line spacing

You can now set the height of the empty lines on Gemtext files.

Screenshot [30K PNG Image]


And that's the last week. To follow what I'm doing in real time, follow me on Mastodon, where, aside from almost real-time Moonlander dev updates, I sometimes complain about software I can't bother to (re)make myself. [HTTPS]

And if you aren't using Moonlander yet, you know what to do:

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