Moonlander Dev Log #2: March 22 to 29


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Welcome to the second Moonlander Dev Log! In here I'll try to quickly go over whatever I've done from March 22 to March 29, 2021. This one is a bit late, but it's just that the "low-hanging fruit" is done, and the things now are a bit harder, or that I don't have much use for them personally, or that I just got lazier. Not entirely sure.

Here is a list, in somewhat chronological order:

Proper charset support

Gemtext and plaintext files now support decoding charsets/encodings other than UTF-8. I am still not quite sure on my implementation of this, but it seems to work fine enough.

Screenshot [12K PNG Image]

Download confirmation

You can now prevent downloads from starting. Before this, they just started going when the tab loaded, and closing the tab would crash Moonlander.

File downloads for everything

There isn't any UI for this yet, but you can now download everything, including things Moonlander can natively view, by changing gemini:// in the URL with download+gemini://.

Moonlander will automatically attempt downloading things it cannot render. This is mostly for the things it can. (Images, for example)

Screenshot [12K PNG Image]

View source

You can now right click on Gemtext files to view their source. This forces Moonlander into it's plaintext mode when rendering this page.

Screenshot [7K PNG Image]

Removed unintended extra spacing

The spacing between paragraphs weren't intended to be that large, as Moonlander accidentally put an extra newline after every paragraph. Sorry to anyone who got used to it!

Client certificates (well, sort of)

Moonlander now supports use of client certificates. This has no UI and requires you to create certificates manually, but it seems to work, and that's what matters at the end of the day, right?

Screenshot [24K PNG Image]

max_width Can now be disabled

You can now disable max_width and make pages full width if you wish to. The new default configuration makes plaintext files full width, though your existing configuration won't change.

Screenshot [51K PNG Image]

Loading progress indicator

There is now a small progress indicator under the URL bar so you can tell where exactly your request is stuck due to your crappy ISP.

Screenshot [5K PNG Image]


And that's the last week. To follow what I'm doing in real time, follow me on Mastodon, where, aside from almost real-time Moonlander dev updates, I have achieved peak lazy by automating a singular light bulb. [HTTPS]

And if you aren't using Moonlander yet, you know what to do:

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