"Not that hard, apparently" - Moonlander is back (as an alpha release)


I am glad to announce that Moonlander is back!

Well, it's not _the_ Moonlander, but rather a rewritten version carrying the same name.

Well, it's not "back" as in "proper 1.0 release without any known issues", but it's _mostly_ there.

So... What happened?

On my previous post about Moonlander, (which you should check out if the title confused you,) I said the following:

If I decide to work on Moonlander though, I will most likely switch to using OS widgets like everyone else. The canvas renderer approach is too much work for little gain, and I am pretty sure I could pull off the fancy-ness of Moonrender with some hacks on top of OS widgets.

Well, I did _just that_. The new Moonlander is entirely GTK 3, without any custom

drawing done whatsoever.

And I think I did a pretty good job [41K PNG Image]

(Ironically enough, Moonlander as the time of writing cannot open images)

The new Moonlander can now, compared to the older one, do more:

There are a few more things planned which you can read about on the README file, but they aren't implemented yet so I am not going to list them for now.

Where do I get it?

Download instructions for Linux binaries. [HTTP, sourcehut repository].

Currently, Moonlander is Linux-only, though it can *theoretically* run on Windows if someone were to set up a build environment with GTK. There are some pointers in the README to some documentation, but I most likely won't be providing Windows binaries any time soon.

Also, while on the "alpha" stage, every commit will be built as a binary as the codebase is moving too fast to version properly. When things slow down, I'll most likely promote it to beta and start versioning properly.


¹: There are a few parts I am not completely sure on, but compared to the old Moonlander that just accepted *everything* I think this is an improvement.

If you do happend to know how TLS works, maybe help out? [HTTP, Mastodon]

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