I am tired of tweaking stuff


I recently re-formatted my system and installed Fedora on it, instead of my usual Arch Linux configuration. Why? Because when I tried Arch, I realized one thing: I no longer have the energy to tweak stuff. I just want my things to work...

I no longer, for example, watch YouTube through MPV (with subscriptions through Nextcloud News). I use the website, because it just works and is convenient.

Recently, I've been thinking of shutting down just about every service I host (except for XMPP which my family relies on and is mostly fire and forget for now, and maybe Nextcloud), maybe replacing them with "more convenient" alternatives. Of course, I won't stop selfhosting entirely, because there are stuff that are both convenient and selfhosting friendly, but I want my stuff to just work now.

That most likely includes this Gemini log thingy too, so if my blog suddenly dissapears, I hope nobody will be left confused.

Maybe I'll set up something like "write freely" and write there, if at all.

write freely

Or I could jump into one of those tildes and do stuff there, but I don't know if that would be easier than just doing stuff on my own server.

Writing this, I realized I don't host many things _anyway_, so I wouldn't lose much if I stopped them all. Maybe I'd lose some old code I no longer care about from Gitea, but that's it, really...

Still not sure on what I should do, or even if I should do anything.