Ecmel Berk Canlıer - 24 July 2020

Ranting about Brave

Ah, Brave… The prime example of everything wrong with the modern internet.

It’s got everything you could ask for:

Cryptocurrencies are worthless

There. I said it.

Cryptocurrencies are worthless. (In today’s world, anyway). Until the bakery down the road in my semi-third-world country accepts your Monopoly money, It’s not worth anything. The creators Brave claims you can support won’t be able to use the Monopoly coins they get for anything of value.

And even if they were, they wouldn’t be the right tool to use for this job, like any other use of blockchain, it’s just shoved in there because of the hype, and the fact that “blockchain people” will shill for everything even slightly resembling a blockchain. They are the perfect advertising tools.

Oh, and the cryptocurrency isn’t even relevant to Brave’s business model. They could just store a number on a database and call it a day. I guess it’s worth complicating your business model if you get thousands of essentially free shills in exchange.

Oh god the referral links.

If you didn’t know, (and I didn’t either until very recently), Brave actually gives people referral links for some gain. (probably more Monopoly money)

Do you remember those “get free games/gift cards/Minecraft accounts” scams that were around a couple years ago? The ones that were riddled with advertisements and asked you to give out a referral code to 10 people to get free games?

The similarities are uncanny.

  1. The use of referral codes at all.
  2. Uses advertisements to earn money.
  3. Claims to reward you with something after enough referrals.
  4. No effective reward at all (Monopoly money you can only spend on a browser, or just a straight up scam. No actual value)

The only difference I could see is that Brave requires you to be a “creator” to be able to use referral links. But who qualifies as a creator? Can I be a creator? I mean, I won’t, but if a site like mine, with basically no quality to its content can be a creator, then someone who just wants to shill Brave for the few Monopoly bucks they have the possibility of earning can easily be a creator.

Chromium is the best thing to happen since JavaScript

Do you want to build a web browser without actually building a web browser? Build the Chromium sources, package them up with a fancy icon, and you’re done!

In my eyes, Brave is just Google Chrome with fancy marketing. If you switch from Chrome to Brave, you’re essentially just re-installing the same browser.

Before any Brave people claim “THEY MODIFY CHROMIUM ITS NOT THE SAME”: Tell me how. Tell me how, and where they are modifying Chromium, to a significant degree.

According to their own wiki, all they are doing is removing the Google dependencies. If you want Chrome without Google, use Ungoogled Chromium. It doesn’t have any cryptocurrency bullshit, it doesn’t pretend to save the world. It’s just Chrome, without Google.

Brave didn’t “reimagine what a browser should be”, they just copied Google’s homework, and changed it enough to try fooling the teacher.

Too much Chromium

Also, if you switch to Brave to try to lessen the Google Chrome internet engine monopoly, sorry! You’re still supporting it.

Using anything Chromium-based (that includes Brave, but also Opera, Vivaldi, Ungoogled Chromium, various <QtWebEngine, Electron, or whatever GTK has>-based browsers, etc.) will still let Google remain at their position on the browser engine ecosystem, because you will still support the use of their semi-non-standard features that they support on Chromium with the excuse of “making the web better” or whatever they say nowadays.

It’s not possible to make a new browser engine in today’s world

I am not saying everyone should create browsers from scratch. The web is far too large for that and I already have a rant for that.

Instead, why not use an engine with less market share? Like Gecko? Or maybe even WebKit?

If you think your Monopoly money is worth anything, maybe employ a couple people to improve NetSurf or Servo using it, so you actually do make a difference to the internet instead of just giving up like Microsoft.

Brave is an advertising company

They are not in the business of web browsers. They use their web browser as a tool to show you more ads. They probably couldn’t care less about any of the Chromium issues I talked about one heading ago, they just want something they can get people to use, so they can shove ads via it.

But Brave blocks ads how does that work

Google is also considering blocking ads in Chrome. Not because they don’t like ads, but so more ads are served through them, and not any of their competitors.

Brave is doing exactly the same strategy here. Block everyone else’s ads so advertisers pay you to show their ads.


Remember the times they:

These are just a couple I could think off of my head. I’m sure there are many more instances of Brave being shady as hell.

You didn’t actually present anything new or interesting in this post

I know. That’s why it’s tagged rant. To get this out of my chest. If you actually want a level-headed article on why Brave (more specifically, their business model) is garbage, do check out The Cowardice of Brave.