µLog #3


From Pleroma to Mastodon

I just recently switched from Pleroma to Mastodon as my fediverse server software of choice, only because of the superior user experience of Mastodon.

Now, my server is really tiny, only about a gig of ram, a single virtual core, and 20 gigs of space. Can Mastodon live on these low resources and not clash with everything else I'm running? Surprisingly for me, maybe!

I always thought of Mastodon as a huge resource hog, and in many cases it can be, but compared to something like GitLab which also uses a similar stack (AFAIK, anyway. I'm not a Ruby guy) it's really light.

Now, I will be keeping my Pleroma instance up for about a day for people to see my "I'm moving" post. But after that, it's gone. The funny thing about this is that currently, while both Mastodon and Pleroma are running side by side (both somewhat idle), only around half of my memory is used, which was the surprising part.

Anyway, there's definitely a post on my mind about selfhosting and lightweight serverside software, but that's for another day. It's 4 AM and a half here and I really want to sleep now :p

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