µLog #7


Look at the date!

It's double digits, twice! What a nice day to come back here after almost exactly a month!

Well, by "come back", I never _left_. I did some slight updates here every now and then, adding a mailing list for comments, and all that good stuff. Also I was lurking reading the fine work of everyone else!


"Subscribing to Gemini pages"

One of these "slight updates" was to update my homepage to be compatible with the new subscription companion standard. Atom isn't going away anywhere, but it's good to let people choose how they should view your content.

Atom gets to have the content _inside_ the feed (so you can read directly from your feed reader), and the new standard removes the burden of parsing XML. Choose whichever you want.

My Atom feed in case you weren't aware

Renaming µLogs

I also went through the previous 6 pages and renamed them to have numbers in place of dates, so the index looks cleaner without two dates on each side of the same link. Hope nobody used the titles to keep track of which pages they read, otherwise they're getting 6 (plus this post, 7) new unread pages. The URLs are still the same, because there isn't any reason to change them.

Other than that...

...nothing else interesting happened, so I guess It's time for me to go back into my cave yet again. See you all in a month or so!

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